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Brilliantly Dyslexic
A children's book that builds confidence!
Brilliantly Dyslexic inspires children with 20+ stories about the lives of incredible dyslexics - from engineers to artists. These diverse stories encourage kids to dream big, play to their strengths, and never let challenges define them. 
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"This is the first book we've read that left her inspired. She felt so good!"
- Erin, parent of 9 year old
"This is the first book we've read that left her inspired. She felt so good!"
- Erin, parent of 9 year old
"This is the first book we've read that left her inspired. She felt so good!"
- Erin, parent of 9 year old
Real Life Role Models
Full of relatable role models who inspire and encourage. From entrepreneurs to scientists to writers to athletes, there is a story for every interest.
Builds Confidence
Children see glimmers of themselves reflected in each story - their dreams, worries, struggles, and strengths - and realize .... I can be brilliant too!
Fosters Connection
Struggle to talk about dyslexia? Designed as a read-aloud book, Brilliantly Dyslexic prompts conversation and builds connection. 

What parents are saying...


“She felt inspired. There’s nothing else like it.” 
- Erin D.

Fosters Conversation

"It created a space for him to talk about his feelings about being dyslexic. He shared things that he had never told me before."  
- Kristen G.


“All kids struggle with something, and it can feel like the end of the world. I Love the message about how persevering through struggles can make you a stronger person.”
- Kate P.


"This book needs to exist!"
- Kristin S.

Take a peek inside the book!

Take a peek inside the book!

The Stories!

Features the stories of over 20 amazing dyslexics. Designed for children 8-12 years-old, inspiring for all.

  • ​​Diverse: With 20+ amazing dyslexics from different backgrounds and professions, there is a story for everyone.
  • In-depth: Each biography is a journey from childhood experiences and feelings to adulthood accomplishments in the span of a few pages. 
  • ​Stunning Artwork: Illustrated by different artists from around the world, each story has a full page, full color portrait capturing the spirit of the story.

At every step, we've consulted experts and tested with parents, kids, and teachers - adding more of what kids loved and dropping what they didn't. We can't wait to share Brilliantly Dyslexic with you!

What everyone needs to know about dyslexia 

Over 15+ pages of empowering explanations 
  • ​Basics:  What is it? Where does it come from?
  • Perspectives: A section dedicated to sharing experiences, strengths, and advice from dyslexic learners, including kids and teens
  • Common Language: Everything explained in a way that's approachable and engaging for all.
Inspire and empower dyslexic children around the planet!
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